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Cabot Tower

Welcome to our website. Fruitsalad Photographic is a company that specialises in Photographic Art Images of Bristol. It has taken four years to accumulate over five hundred photos contained in the library.

We feel we have covered all of Bristol's well known landmarks in a fresh and innovative way as well as the lesser known locations dotted all around the beautiful and diverse City of Bristol. Not content with the traditional approach, we sought to create something new and unique from the outset.

We have used subject matter considered by us to be worthy of inclusion. Therefore the overall mix is eclectic, modern and eye catching photography.

With over twenty three years of professional photography experience in many commercial fields and environments all the Fruitsalad photographs are originated on medium format film using professional camera equipment.

The core of the business is split into three areas; the Standard Range, Homeware Range and Commercial Services.

We produce images as colour; toned or black & white; and special effects. Every photograph in the collection can be supplied in any of the three formats. So, please don't hesitate to ask if you have a specific request or style.

Presentation is an area we are very passionate about and we follow the maxim, the only limit is your imagination. We work in traditional framing, wooden block, glass and plastic to name but a few presentational styles. Please contact us should you need more information.

We are always interested in your views and feedback, for more information and a freee consultation please get in touch via our contact form.

Thank's for visiting FruitSalad Photographic. We hope you enjoy our website and images.